What To Do, Until You Sell A Painting

Until You Sell A Painting, you still need to eat and have a place to sleep. Waiting for a buyer to write that check can become one of the longest winters in your life.

If you’ve just finished art school, have opened up a studio or are in a gallery, and are cranking out paintings like there’s no tomorrow…

With all of the overhead you’re facing and even the student loans, what do you do in the meantime? From one artist to another, log online and sell the prints of your work until someone buys the original.

These days, the art industry isn’t as secluded as it used to be. We not only have agents who have a plethora of connections to art buyers and firms but we also have (you guessed it) the World Wide Web!

The Internet affords us the opportunity to jump in front of people who are looking for an art piece so unique at a budget price.

DeBerry Art, Lloyd DeBerry

Top Sites to Sell Your Prints

Sites like these and so many more online houses will allow you to sell your prints through them for a price you set. All they ask is that they get a percentage of the earnings for representing you to their audience before passing on the bucks to you.

The reason why these sites sell hundreds and thousands of prints on a daily basis is due to hundreds and thousands of people who want a piece of the art pie but can’t afford to buy the bushel.
Not only can sites help you earn income with your art prints but they can also pass on information to those who want to buy your original painting of the prints you’ve sold which is the perfect time to present the rest of your inventory.

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The bonus to selling your prints online, although some online print galleries have different rules, is that you can register with more than one site to sell more than one at a time.
And be sure to represent yourself in ways that promote your work.

A Facebook Page, Your Own Website, Instagram, etc are all great ways to reach people who are looking to reach you and have a piece of your work in their hands and hanging in their home. There are even major brand corporations, like Ethan Allen, who specialize in home décor and want art prints to present to their consumers. These prints start at $1100 and up!

As time goes on and you become more successful, you can choose to cease selling online prints or continue but while offering your original buyers a set of artwork that you refuse to duplicate. This is the best way to have the best of both worlds and food in your belly!

Take a look at my inventory and see if you can identify my signature collection at www.deberryart.com. Of course if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or custom orders email me at lloyd@fineartsandgraphics.com.

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