Staying Relevant As A Classical Artist

Church Lady by Lloyd DeBerry

Church Lady

1You don’t have to like every art form but you do need to be open to numerous forms of artistic expression. It’s impossible to express yourself when you’re closed to what’s going on around you. Take time to behold what you see in your daily life. There are people, places, and things that you pass by everyday but have never noticed. Next time, take a moment to “see” and allow these people, places, and things to take you beyond what you see in plain sight and unveil something meaningful to you. Constant refills of inspiration will keep the creative waters flowing. If you look for inspiration and remain open to however it will appear, you will stay inspired and constantly draw from your own well in order to feed your creativity.

Bring in The Clown

Bring in The Clown

2 Continue to study what you’re genuinely interested in so that you’re always prepared for opportunities. Even though we live in a society where mostly all visuals are digital, the genesis is still founded in the classical mediums. More and more these days movie studios, cartoonists, and even video game companies are doing their best to make their visuals appear more relateably human. In order to understand the intricate shapes of human bodies and how they move, Artists who are rooted in humanities are being called on and are continuously called on because they have continued to study. Our expertise is needed to make sure those in the digital platforms are creating human movements that look real enough to believe what they’re trying to portray. As Artists, we can understand that it’s important to become an expert in your passion and that’s where we find our common ground within other aspects of the arts.

Lloyd DeBerry: the School Teacher

The School Teacher

3 You won’t know your value if you don’t value who you are and what you do. Neglecting visits to or overlooking job opportunities in galleries and museums are the quickest way to lose touch with the art community and it’s culture. It’s true that art is everywhere but an art gallery or museum allows us to see just how many people are looking to be inspired BY US. They’ve taken the time out of their schedule to be moved in thought or emotion through Fine Art, are likely to bring 1 or more people who are also interested in being inspired BY US, and believe it or not, THEY’RE LOOKING TO BUY. Whether they purchase on the spot or choose to come back at another time to make their purchase, our notoriety increases as well as our wallets. Just think, each time someone sees your artwork on the walls of your client, they will ALWAYS discuss your name first, where they found your art, and then they’ll move onto discussing what they believe you’re depicting in your artwork.

Lloyd DeBerry: Education


4 What’s your purpose? Being boxed in is death to a creative person and it takes time to break out of the box (boxes you’ve created for yourself and boxes people have put you in). Sometimes you will have to work a job you hate in order to put food on the table while supporting your passion. At other times, you’ll have to eat a little less in order to break even. Hardships will always cause you to quit IF you don’t remain focused on the purpose of your pursuit. There has to be something other than money that drives you to keep going. For instance, if your purpose is to take a stand against starving children in the United States, you can donate a certain amount of proceeds to a local food bank, church, or shelter that you know is actually helping to feed people or you can even pick a family to help out in your building or neighborhood. When you think of them not being able to afford food, you’ll get out of bed in the morning, go to work, and come home to focus on your passion without complaining but with a drive to keep going. If you’re the one who’s in need, you’ll still get out of bed in the morning, go to work, and come home to focus on your passion. Find what incites passion on the inside of you by asking yourself, What do I care about? What makes me overjoyed? What makes me agonize? Whatever your answer is, you can use it as fuel to not quit when the going gets tough.

Overall be open to inspiration, never stop learning, stay connected, remain focused on your purpose and you’ll enjoy the journey to doing more than you ever thought you could.

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