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Fine Art is Not Just Art at it’s Finest, rather it’s the conversation piece that creates a moment for you to voice your own reasoning, even though it’s through the emotion, point of view, and ability of an Artist other than yourself.

Lloyd DeBerry: Education

Lloyd DeBerry: Emma Kim

Lloyd DeBerry: Pieces of A Man

Artists use tools to create a picture that precisely reveals our intent and/or create an abstract piece so that only we and those who see things the way we do can identify the message within the artwork.
Either way, a community of people who know they have a voice to be heard gather together to find out if they are just as provoked to see, think, and feel the same message from the artwork on display.

Lloyd DeBerry: The UnionPersonally, I like to use the human body to project passion, emotion, and ideals that balance between dream and reality. I like to go beyond what’s expected by using different colors to shade the skin of people and unusual shapes to form them in order to show another idea of what’s acceptable, honorable, and taboo in our society.

It’s my creative way of sending a message to the world without words because people have become inundated with their use. Words are also a form of expression even though it’s not always seen as a valid art form. These days, no one wants to “hear” you until they can “feel” you. The days of grabbing attention by the simplicity of words have ended and you’ve got to get the attention of others by what you’ve made them feel. Once you’ve made something on the inside of a person move, they’ll gladly listen to what you have to say.

Likewise, Fine Art is more than just painting, sketching, or sculpting bodies and instruments. Instead, I strategically express each shape of an eye, folding of an arm, kneeling of a knee, strength in a neck, purse of the lips, or parts of an instrument to stir up emotions inside you to make you answer the echoing question you have muzzled: “WHAT IS MY MESSAGE TO THE WORLD? “

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