Leverage Like Never Before!

DeBerry Visual ArtIt used to be that most Artists had to fight their way into galleries in order to have their artwork considered for purchase but these days, as more and more people see art as an investment, Artists no longer have to fight for one platform.

Art Buyers prefer to buy a real piece from an artist than a fifth-rate famous painting. They keep their eyes open to fall in love with a painting while they evaluate who they’re buying it from and what price to buy it for. While they love the painting, buyers also study it to make sure the artwork is an investment. Most artists start out selling lower than what they’ll be worth later.

Buyers no longer have to fly here and there just to view possible investments. Instead they’re traveling the information superhighway to see what else is out there that everyone else has not seen. There are over 300 art websites that sell limited edition prints or originals. These art websites are even offering payment plans to buyers without interest making an investment easily accessible to a low end client who is on the hunt for a come up and a low end painter who is climbing to the top with each stroke of the brush.

While private art consultants and large auction houses are still viable forces in the world of art, the internet has opened the door to those they’ve closed their doors to allowing artists and buyers alike to all have a piece of the “Art” pie.

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