Lloyd DeBerry

A Collection of Musical Themed Giclee Prints from “The DeBerry Portfolio”. From Jazz to Reggae, Hip-Hop to Country. An Invigorating Selection of Musical Themed Art.


Lloyd DeBerry: The Pump

Surrealists were a group of painters and artists that drew a large amount of inspiration from the impact of dreams. In the beginning, before this artistic movement was fully embraced, many people questioned the value of these works of art. Though considered some of the more recent ground-breaking artwork yet … Continue Reading

The Symbolism Movement

Lloyd DeBerry

Symbolism: An artistic and poetic movement or style using symbolic images and indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas, emotions, and states of mind. Symbolism evoked a taste similar to the Romanticist tradition, but utilized mysticism and sensitivity through mythology and dream imagery, preceding the psychoanalytical work of Freud and Jung … Continue Reading

Modern Art vs. Contemporary Art

Lloyd DeBerry

The success of a piece of art depends on how it connects with the audience. If a piece of art successfully communicates its message, it is considered to be a masterpiece. Some of the most artistic works of art began flowering in the 19th century till 1970. The flowering of … Continue Reading

Buying The Best Fine Art

Lloyd DeBerry

What Art Should You Buy As An Investment? When starting to build a collection or just buying art to decorate your home it can be difficult knowing what to purchase. The first rule when you buy any art is, buy what you like. You must enjoy looking at your purchase, … Continue Reading