Fine Art As An Investment

DeBerry Art, Lloyd DeBerry

Original Ideas: Paintings and Giclées You walk into a gallery and fall in love with a $5,000 painting, but you just can’t justify the price tag. The gallery owner shows you a selection of the same artist’s work for a humble $500, explaining that the pieces are giclées. A giclée … Continue Reading

Art is Life and Therapy

DeBerry: Bring in The Clown

If you were like most kids, you even signed your name on the paper like other artists. I dare not compare coloring with the techniques of fine art but I must say that the love of painting a scene, sculpting a form, or sketching a picture probably started with a … Continue Reading

How to Get Gallery Representation

DeBerry, Rhythm Child

Facebook, Instagram, and other web platforms alone don’t always make the cut when it comes to reeling in the “big fish”. Even when in a gallery, you still have to compete with other artists who are looking to catch the very same fish you are. This process isn’t easy. As … Continue Reading


Lloyd DeBerry

In Europe, neoclassicism began as a reaction against the Baroque and Rococo styles, and a desired return to the art of Romanesque and Renaissance classicism. Each individual grouping of Neoclassicism, whether affecting architecture or the visual arts, has attempted to capture the ideas of times gone by to utilize them … Continue Reading

Buying Paintings: Romanticism

Some of the more renowned names around this movement, which utilized strong emotion to convey meaning, were Francisco de Goya and William Blake respectively. This particular art form became a reaction to the outgrowth of reason by homing in on imagination and feeling. It is not difficult to see the … Continue Reading

Expressionism the Movement

DeBerry Visual Art: Original Sin

The movement is closely associated with its’ beginnings in Germany, and has a few different but overlapping schools of thought within. The term Expressionism was first used to describe the movement in the magazine produced in 1911 called “Der Sturm”, and was usually linked to paintings and graphic work that … Continue Reading